14th September- Bamberg, Germany

This morning we again woke to cloudy conditions We haven’t had lots of rain, but over the last few days we have had some showers and the temperature has averaged about 17-18 degrees.

This morning was spent on board. We were given a very informative talk about the Main-Danube-Canal, and in particular how the locks work. 

This afternoon we docked in Hassfurt, where we caught a bus to Bamberg.  The scenic  town of Bamberg was founded largely on Christian faith.  In 1007, Emperor Henrich 11 made Bamberg the centre of the Holy Roman Empire and the capital of his reign.  Bamberg was built on seven hills with a church on top.

One of the few cities in Germany not destroyed by World War 11 bombing, Bamberg is the largest Old Town to retain its medieval structures. Thus it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993.  Along with its Gothic, baroque and Romanesque architecture, the city was laid out according to medieval planning rules as a cross with churches at the 4 cardinal points.

What a spectacular place  Bamberg is.  We were again lucky to visit on a day when they were holding a city festival.  The Germans sure seem to know how to have a good time.


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