13th September- Wurzburg

This morning just after breakfast we docked in Wurzburg for the day.  We had an organised tour starting with the Wurzburg Residenz Palace.  For centuries the resident prince-bishops wielded enormous power and wealth.  Their crowning glory is the UNESCO listed Bishops Residenz, one of Germany’s finest baroque palaces, built between 1720 and 1744.  The grand staircase with its vaulted ceiling features the largest ceiling fresco in the world.  The opulence of the bishops’ imperial apartments is breathtaking.

After leaving the Residenz, we continued the tour through the old part of Wurzburg. Unfortunately over 90% of the city was destroyed during the 2nd world war.  Most of the buildings have however, been reconstructed to look the same on the outside.

We went back to the boat for lunch, then spent a leisurely afternoon relaxing and then went for a walk around the centre of  Wurzburg.  They were holding a city festival, where we heard a band playing the Rolling Stones song Brown Sugar.


2 thoughts on “13th September- Wurzburg

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