11th September – from Koblenz up the middle Rhine.

This morning we woke in spectacular Koblenz, Germany with views out the cabin window of Marksburg Castle. After breakfast we did a tour of the castle. While many of the  castles on the Rhine are rebuilt versions of the original, Marksburg has retained nearly all of its original construction and is one of the best preserved castles on the river. The formidable terrain discouraged enemies and the castle was never attacked in its 800 year history. 

After spending the morning touring Marksburg Castle we joined the Viking Bragi at Braubach for lunch. We spent the afternoon cruising along the Middle Rhine. Straight out of a picture book, the romantic Middle Rhine is a river valley with precipitous cliffs, a castle perched on virtually every hilltop and quaint villages lining the riverbanks. This section of the Rhine extending from the town of Koblenz, via the Lorelei Rock, to Bingen and Rudesheim was declared a World Heritage Site in 2002 by UNESCO.  It really is awe inspiring. 

Tonight after dinner we passed through the 1st of  68 locks (with the river rising in increments to over 300 metres).  Each lock takes us into a higher water level  so we are able to go from the lower river to higher levels.


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